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Eric Klemm

Add beauty and value

to your home 

with original art

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Eric Klemm is an artist painter, photographer and designer

living and working in British Columbia, Canada.

He has his work in many museums and private collections

in Canada, the USA and Europe. Eric Klemm's work has been exhibited in over 30 one man shows and countless group-shows all over the world.

Now working in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism,

inspired by minimalist artists as: Josef Albers, Mark Rothko and Frank Stella,

Klemm's colorful and playful new acrylic paintings

are a pure delight.

Buy affordably direct from the artist studio.

IMG_5723  XXX lighter + sat.  squared.jpg

Original acrylic paintings

Enjoy original art in your 

home! An abstract painting by Eric Klemm will lighten up every room. They are coming ready to hang, with a cable in the rear.

We are happy to deliver in the Lower Mainland, BC and ship worldwide.

Portrait Eric 3.jpg

“The Painter’s Series"

Following in the footsteps

of Picasso and others Klemm also works with ceramics. The “Artist’s Series” depicts some of his best paintings. The idea

is to bring his art in peoples

hands and homes.

O  1 can.jpg

Photography Print Sale

Eric Klemm’s fine art

photographs exhibited in his many shows have always been very large in size, up to

50 x 60”. Only a few small prints were made for the sole purpose of portfolio reviews. Some are now for sale.

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