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ERIC KLEMM is an accomplished artist, born 1939 in Germany. He studied graphic design, painting and photography at art school Trier, Germany, from 1956 – 1961. After working 7 years as an art director in Heidelberg, Germany, he turned seriously to photography in 1968, when a photograph of his was published in TWEN, one of Germany’s top magazines at the time.


He was offered a job at the magazine by Willi Fleckhaus, the influential art director. That same year Eric Klemm was awarded by the prestigious Art Directors Club New York for his TWEN – photograph.

It was this image that jumpstarted his career. In 1974 Eric Klemm moved to Duesseldorf, Germany, at the time the center for the new European  avantgarde in photography. There he opened a studio to work with numerous advertising agencies and art directors. At the same time he contributed as a freelance photographer to top magazines such as: STERN, Die ZEIT, FREUNDIN, the French magazine LUI and the German edition of PLAYBOY. His best photographs were published in PHOTO and PROFESSIONAL CAMERA.


Eric Klemm became a member of the prestigious Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Photographie. He had established himself as one of Germany’s top magazine photographers.

In 1976, Eric Klemm left Germany for Cocoa Island in the Maldives, which was to become his home for the next 15 years, there he lived the happy life of a modern Robinson Crusoe until he purchased a house in Dordogne, right in the heart of France, not far from Paris, to slowly return to art again. After having spent 7 years in France, it was in 1998 when he and his wife moved to British Columbia, Canada, looking for new adventures. Now living in their new home in West Vancouver, he was ready to start something exiting and fresh, something he had not done before: fine art photography.


April 2019, Fields of Color, Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC, solo show 

June 2018, Abstract Paintings, Fort Gallery, Fort Langley, BC, solo show

Spring 2013, Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Toulouse, France, solo show


2012, Exhibition "Spurwechsel" at Automobilforum Berlin, Unter den Linden, Germany

November 2011, Metamorphose, Goethe-Institut Brest, France, solo show


February/March 2012, Metamorphose, Goethe-Institut Nancy, France, solo show


April 2012, Metamorphose, Goethe-Institut Bordeaux, France, solo show


May 2011, Metamorphose, Goethe-Istitut Lille, France, solo show 


Summer 2012, The Wilhelm Hack Museum in corporation with Ernst Bloch Institut, Ludwigshafen, Germany, shows portraits from Silent Warriors, dealing with the image of the North American Indians and the literature and illustrations of Karl May.


09/14/2011, Metamorphose, Goethe-Institut Paris, France, solo show


09/09/2011, Face to Face, LUMAS Gallery, New York, NY, USA, group show


09/16/2011, Face to Face, LUMAS Gallery, Vienna, Austria, group show

07/17/2011, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, group show

03/03/2011, Silent Warriors, Chemainus Theatre Gallery, Chemainus, B.C., Canada, solo show


17 Publications Since 1971

1971  Leute (People) Mannheimer Verlagsanstalt, Mannheim, Germany

1973  Girls Girls, Verlag Laterna Magica, Muenchen, Germany

1990 Malediven, Bitsch Verlag, Birkenau, Germany

1990 Cocoa - Island of my Dreams, Bitsch Verlag, Birkenau, Germany

2008 Florabundance, Bitsch Verlag, Birkenau, Germany, Essay: Gary Michael Dault

2009 Silent Warriors, Steidl, Goettingen, Germany, Text by Dion Kliner

Some of Eric Klemm's work is featured in the following coffee table books, yearbooks, and catalogues:

BLUE SKY Gallery Portland Oregon USA Yearbook 09/10

CARTE BLANCHE - Photography in Canada, Magenta Foundation 2006, The best 200 Canadian Photographers

FOTOFEST Houston, Texas, Fine print Auction Catalogue 2006

Catalogue of SNAP 2009, Live Auction Collection

Catalogue of the Photographic Portrait Prize 2007, at the National Portrait Gallery, London, GB

Lucy Awards Coffee Table Book 2008

Catalogue of the 75th Anniversary Gala & Art Auction of the Vancouver Art Gallery, 2006

Catalogue FOTO & PHOTO 2006, Fotografia a Cesano Maderno, Milan, Italy

Catalogue "HORIZONTE" Zingst 2008, Photography Festival

Catalogue "Metamorphosis" 2005, Gallery Jones, Vancouver

Catalogue "Back Alleys" 2006, Gallery Jones, Vancouver

Catalogue "Shavings" 2008, Odon Wagner Contemporary Toronto and others

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9 Guest Appearances

2012  SR2 TV Saarbruecken, Germany, has aired a second short titled: "Direkt Dabei". Jochen Marmit and Alan Bibby are following Eric Klemm with their video camera in  his studio and in and around his home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.


November 2012, 6 1/2 minutes.

2012 Eric Klemm, Artist Portrait, 6 1/2 minutes SR2 Kulturradio / Aktuelle Kultur - Feature by Jochen Marmit, camera Alan Bibby

2010 SWR Fernsehen, Germany, Nachtkultur, Sabine Willkop

2010 Suedwestfunk, Aktuelle Kultur Fernsehen, Baden Baden, Germany

2009 CBC Newsworld, "The Weekend Scene" with Jelena Adzic

2008 Fashion Television, Eric Klemm featured in Glen Baxter's coverage of the CONTACT             

                              Photography Festival

2007 C Radio1 Vancouver, Interview with Cheryl McKay for "North by Northwest"

2008 BRAVO! fact, short on Eric Klemm's Metamorphosis project by the Vancouver film maker Jennifer Rashleig


30 Featured Articles in 17 Years

10/2012  Large spread of images from the "Pastorale" project in Prime Russian Magazine, Moscow, distributed in Russia and the Czech Republic

07/2012 The English life style magazine SPHERE publishes a 6 page spread of images from "Silent Warriors"

09/2010  IO DONNA, weekend supplement of Il Corriere della Sera, Milan, Italy, "Italian Journey"

03/2010  Flash Flood, Santa Fee, New Mexico,"Silent Warriors", an interview with Melany McWorther

02/2010  American Journal, Berlin, Germany, "Silent Warriors"

01/2010  The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, "Silent Warriors"

09/2010  SNOECKS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium, "Silent Warriors"

01/2010  Burda Media, Germany, "Die zehn ausgefallensten Bildbaende" Silent Warriors/Steidl

03/2010  Daily Telegraph, Visual Arts Blog, London, UK, "Silent Warriors"

01/2010  ARTE Magazine, the printed magazine of the distinguished German/French TV channel for the arts, "Silent Warriors" an interview with Diane Aust

11/2009  STERN Magazine, Germany, "Silent Warriors" 14 page spread, text Jan Wiechmann, New York

10/2010  DER SPIEGEL, Hamburg, Germany, "Silent Warriors", text: Thorsten Doerting

11/2009  Hamburger Morgenpost, Hamburg, Germany "Silent Warriors", book review

11/2009  Berliner Kurier, Berlin, Germany, "Silent Warriors", article written by Sascha Langenbach

11/2009  Photo Magazine Brazil, "Silent Warriors", text by Bola Teixera

07/2009 Visura Magazine, New York, NY, USA, "Silent Warriors"

12/2008  Designers Digest, Hamburg, Germany, "Silent Warriors", text by Klaus Tiedge

11/2008  Designers Digest, Hamburg, Germany, "Florabundance" text Klaus Tiedge

07/2008 EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, Berlin, Germany, "Silent Warriors"

05/2008 Toronto Star, "Beyond Photography", article on the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival

05/2008 Eye Weekly, Toronto, Canada, "Silent Warriors"

05/2008 The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, "A Rorschach test of Pencil Shavings", by Gary Michael Dault

05/2008 ARGYLE Magazine, Toronto, Canada, "Silent Warriors"

11/2007  Photo Magazine Romania, (Bucharest), featured Eric Klemm as "Photographer of the Month" with 14 page spread of "Silent Warriors"

12/2007  ESQUIRE Magazine Russia featured the "Silent Warriors" series on 3 pages

05/2005  PREFIX PHOTO, Toronto, Canada, "The Incidental Landscape", written by Gary Michael Dault

05/2005  The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, "Metamorphosis", written by Gary Michael Dault

02/2005  The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, "Metamorphosis", by John Mackie

06/2005  International Flash Art Magazine, critic of Eric's "Metamorphosis" exhibition at Gallery Jones, Vancouver, written by Dion Kliner

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